The Best in the World

Our protagonist was born in Spain on the Mallorca Island in 1986(Nineteen eighty six).

He is a strong and athletic man. He is tall, about 1.85(one eighty five meters). He has not very abundant black hair and brown eyes. He takes his profession very seriously and he is very appreciated by the Spanish people. His family, who is linked to sports, encouraged him to practice different modalities. He likes especially football.

His uncle was a professional football player from F.C. Barcelona, but finally our protagonist opts for tennis.

Another uncle, coach of this sport, take care of his training and he is essential in our protagonist technical and personal training.

At the beginning he was also helped by another Balearic tennis player already consecrated, Carlos Moya.

From the beginning his specialty has been the surface of clay.

He has won The Roland Garros championship in Paris 12(twelve) times. He has also won all the grand slam championships and the Olympic Games.

His main virtue in addition to his technique is his tenacity, spirit of sacrifice, humility and respect for his rivals.

He married recently and whenever he can he goes to his hometown, Manacor.

He is a big fan of fishing, golf and sailing.

This last year 2019(two thousand nineteen) has finished as number one of the world.

He is also for many people the best spanish athlete in history. Come on!!

Ana Fillat

English for Fun 4A

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