‘The Man and the Earth’

He was born in Poza de la Sal in 1928. He had three girls.

He studied Medicine, but his passion was Biology. He was a writer, a presenter, a documentary director and great communicator,  but what he liked most was animals and nature. He became vice president of WWF, in Spain Adena and contributed training and expansion to it


He started on TV with falconry and ethnology programmes, and stood out in the study and coexistence with wolves.

In 1966 he got protection in Spain from the peregrine falcon and others birds  raptors. Years later also of the wolf, which was almost  extinguished in Europe.

He was a great disseminator of natural sciences and is the first one that talks about the fauna and flora of the country.

He made many programmes on the radio and on TV. He was a mediatic phenomenon with his programmes on TV. His most popular program was «The Man and the Earth»

He was died in Alaska in1980

Everybody knows him as the animals’ friend.

Fina Fuentes

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