He is a man. He was a singer, musician, composer, actor and pacifist convictions. He was part of a very important rock band.

He was tall, thin, dark brown hair, brown eyes. He wore glasses. He was a rebel. He was born in Liverpool, on October 9, 1940.

His parents were Alfred and Julia, when he was 5 years old, his parents separated, he went to live with his aunt Mary Stanley.

He studied at the Quarry Bank high school in Liverpool, when he was sixteen he was expelled from school, and met Paul and George formed a group called “ The Quarrymen” later the group was very important, they performed for the first time in a club the Cavern, I was last year in that place.

He married his first wife Cynthia Powell and they had a son Julian. After he met the love of his life Yoko Ono, fruit of love they had a son Sean, they were active with the theme of Peace, with the song “imagine”, and “Give Peace a chance”

He was one of the best singers of all time rock, folk, pop. He published two books "In his own write" and "Spanish in the works". He shot a movie in Almeria "How I Won the War", set in World War 2.
His manager Brian Epstein was in love with him, since he was gay.
He was obsessed with number 9, because he was born on 9th, just like his son Sean, his manager discovered him on 9th at the cavern club, and he met Yoko Ono on the 9th.

He was murdered near his home in New York, on December 8, 1980, he received five shots by Mark David Chapman, a deranged man who wanted to go down in history for such a crime.

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