The first woman who really went round the world in 80 days!

You probably don’t know the celebrity woman I’m going to tell you about, but she’s one of the most interesting women in history. And especially from the history of journalism.

She was also a writer, industrial, inventor, feminist and a great adventurer!

She was born in Pennsylvania (USA) en 1864 (eighteen sixty four).

Her family was humble and she studied for a short time.

When she was eighteen years old, she had her first job as a journalist. She wrote to a journal a protest letter because they have written a chauvinist

article. The editor gave her a job as journalist.

She was the first person that did investigative journalism. She wrote a series of investigation articles to denounce the conditions of women workers in factories.

 He went to New York and worked at the Pulitzer’s newspaper, The New York World. She pretended to be crazy to go into an asylum and then write about the terrible conditions of the sick and got them to change.

She was a foreign correspondent in Mexico and the First World’s War.

She is famous because she travelled around the world in 72 (seventy two) days, eight days les tan Phileas Fogg, the character of Julio Verne´s famous novel “Around the world in eighty days”. She travelled alone and with a small suitcase.  In her journey, she interviewed Julio Verne in Amiens.

She married an industrialist who died soon. She took over the company, but soon returned to journalism.

She died in 1922 (nineteen twenty-two) when she was fifty seven years old.

There is an amusement park with her name in Brooklyn.

Her real name was Elizabeth _____ ______ . But she became famous for her pseudonym _________ ____________

Merche Pérez

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