‘The Frozen Heart’

She is a woman.  She was born in Madrid in 1960. She is a Spanish writer and newspaper columnist. She studied the career of Geography and History in the Complutense University of Madrid. She listened to her mother but would have liked to study classical languages, Geography and History was a girl studies career.

She is tall and a bit overweight. She has wavy black hair. Her eyes are dark and expressive. She has a strong voice and laughter.

She is funny, friendly and generous with her friends.

She is married with a Spanish poet and they have a daughter and two children of those previous marriages. They live in Madrid but have a house in Rota (Cádiz), that house is a pilgrimage center for families and friends, they say: “In Rota we get up when life sounds”.

She was released in 1989 with “The ages of Lulu” and it was Prize of Vertical Smail. Many of his novels have been taken to the cinema and she has received several awards for her literary works, for example: Lara Fundation Award, Prize of the booksellers of Madrid and Seville, Iberoamerican Novel Elena Poniatowska Award, Sister Angela of the Cross Award; National Narrative Award.

Among some of her novels are:

Malena has a Tango Name, Cardboard Castles, I will call you Friday, Kisses on bread, Atlas of Human Geography, The Wind from the East, The Frozen Heart….

In 2010 she published the first book in the Serie Episodes of an endless war, Inés and the Joy. Then she published The Three Weddings of Manolita, The Reader of Julio Verne, Dr. García’s Patients. In February, her latest novel, Frankestein’s Mother, will be released.

She is one of my favorite Spanish writers, I read her columns in the newspaper, she is critical of the situation in our country and in the word.


Luz Monge

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