A Master Chef

I’m going to tell you about a famous person

He was born in Beasain. He is 71 years old. Phisically he is medium height. He has short gray hair, small brown eyes, a big nose, a big smile and a gray moustache and beard.

His name begins with the letter “K”

He is a very versatile man: He is a bussines man, he is very hard working, innovative, funny, charming and a great showman.

He works as a cook, but he has other jobs: He combines his work at the head of his own restaurant with more than twenty years on television. Now he’s working on Antena 3 TV.

When he presents his  cooking programme on television, he wears partterned traussers a white jacket and a white chef’s hat.

When he starts the programme always wears some fun glasses.

He alson always decorates most of his dishes with parsley.

He offers  some recipes with a balanced meal, easy, nutritious, healthy por everyone to cook.

He has also participated in several films as a secondary actor (Aibag), and he has published a lot of books dedicated to gastronomy.

One of his hobbies is motorcycle racing and he was a sponsor of the Derby moto-2 and moto-3 team carrently, be no longer sponsors them

Who is he?

Lola Buera

English for Fun 4B

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