A Famous Patron Saint

I’m going to tell you about a very popular character in Huesca.

All your description will be imaginary, because I do not have data to make it real.

He is a man of medium height, dark and thin. He has short, curly and brown hair. His nose is straight and thin. His eyes are small, vivacious and Brown. His gaze is penetrating and very fixed. His lips are fleshy and flushed. Your mouth is small. He has thick eyebrows. His forehead is wide and clear. Its most striking aspect is its childish, good-natured, naive and cheerful face; Its features are rounded and smooth (soft).

He usually wears a white tunic and red dalmatic and brown leather sandals.

At first, he seems to be very serious; but, in fact, he is cheerful, fun, friendly, kind, intelligent and above all very generous.

What I like most about him is that he is a selfless, disinterested, jovial and a dedicated person to others.

He spends his time reading, preaching, sharing, helping the poor, the crippled, the sick and the helpless.

Who is he? Is it difficult to find out with the data provided?

Here I give you more.

He was born around 225 in Huesca.

He died roasted on a grill on August 10, 258.

And he is the patron Saint of …

Tarariroriroriro, tararirorirora.

Luis Cáceres

English for Fun 4B

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