A Fashion Pioneer

Her real name is Gabriele, although she is known by another name. She appears in the list of the hundred most influential people in the twentieth century of Time magazine.

Slim, blue eyes, brunette, she made short hair fashionable as a sign of female liberation.

She used to wear her creations to horse races to get the attention with her peculiar style of dress, often with trousers.

She created the female tailor suit, introduced the black and white garments. The “little black dress” is her contribution to the language of fashion. Her perfume Nº 5 is her most emblematic product, it was the only thing Marilyn put on to go to sleep.

She released the female body from the traditional corset. She was always open to learn and thought positively.

She was born in Saumur (France) in 1883 and died in Paris in 1971.

There are those who say she collaborated with the nazis in World War II, others deny it.

Who is she?

Ana Arnal

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