Another one Bites the Dust

He was born in 1946, in Zanzibar, and he spent most of his chilhood in British India. There, on the recomendation of one of his professors, he began his piano lessons with only seven years of age, and was part of the school choir.

Later, their family moved to England and landed in Middlesex in 1964.

In England, he studied graphic design and he also worked as a waiter and as a warehouse boy.

It was in 1970 when he was part of Smile with Roger Taylor and Brian May, changing the name of the group. A year later, bassist John Deacon joined the band, thus beginging the trayectory of one of the greatest rock bands in history.

In the 80s, he abandoned her long hair to give a more transgressive look. Short Brown hair and a lush mustache became his hallmarks.

Bohemian Rhapsody, released in 1975, was the first theme that saw the essence of Queen.

In 1985, to the Live Aid charity concert, Queen performed on the Wembley Stadium, in few minutes, the best sock show in history.

In 1987, recorded Barcelona whit Montserrat Caballé and this song was chosen as the oficial theme of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Then, his physical appearance visibly thiner, set off the alarms, but he carried his illness in the strictest privacy.

The best rock voice died on November 24, 1991 in London, with only 45 years of age, but…THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Marisé Aguilar

English for Fun 4B

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