Flamenco Queen

She is a young woman, she was born near Barcelona twenty- six years ago, she is a singer, song-writer and producer.

Her parents are plastic artists and because of their work, she and her older sister lived in New York, Paris and Barcelona. For that reason, she met different cultures.

She is a short slim woman with very long straight black hair and big black eyes. She has a nice smile, manicured hands. Her appearance does not go unnoticed. But the most important thing is her great ability to sing and dance.

With her father, she listened to music by Bob Dylan, Queen and Supertramp. She studied cello and composition since her childhood.  

When she was fifteen years old, she participated in a TV programme but she got a very bad position.

Then, she studied singing in the “Taller de Musics de Barcelona” for four years, playing an electric guitar, piano and studying other theoretical subjects. It was there, where one of the teachers discovered her talent for flamenco and she finished her studies in the “Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña”.

She began her professional career as a young promise in important festivals: International Cinema of Panamá signing flamenco, Grec of Barcelona contemporary dancing, Palau de la Música Barcelona signing, Singapore in a show with La Fura del Baus, Internacional Música of Cadaqués and  Jerez in twenty sixteen year. Her performances were a great success.

After a lot of work,  she has succeeded worldwide with her own personal style, mixing traditional flamenco with other styles, e.g. pop, trap, hip hop, electric music, latin pop and reggeaton.

She has performed all over the world together to great artists. Among other great prizes, she has won awards such as two Grammy Latinos, in the best category urban fusion-interpretation and the best song.

Her success is linked to a personal aesthetic which has also changed with time, for example her tracksuit, platform shoes, big earrings, many rings and hands with long gel nails. Modern designers make her costumes, but everything is prepared and studied by her sister “la Pili”.

Is she a marketing product?

Guess who she is

Carmen Biniés

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