The City of Prodigies

I present a famous character. He is a Spanish writer. He was born in Barcelona on 11th January 1943. He is a lawyer and a translator.

                                      LITERARY WORK

— In 1975 he began his literary work with Cuadro de texto: the novel The Truth about the Savolta Case, in which he combined the description of the city of Barcelona in times before the Spanish Civil War and in later years.

— In 1986 he published The City of Prodigies, a novel in which the social and urban evolution of Barcelona in shown. It is considered by critics as its top work.

— In 1991 he published Without News of Gurb, a novel of absurd humor, very easy to read and cause laughter. The author says that it is, without a doubt, the most eccentric book of how many he has written.

— In 2010 he published Cat Fights. Madrid 1936. A young English specialist in Spanish painting arrives in Madrid, claimed to assess a possible a known painting by Velazquez. Turbulent loves with women of different classes distract the critic.

                                      LATEST PUBLICATIONS

—In 1918 he published The King Receives. First part of a trilogy.

— In 1919 he published The Yin and Yan Negotiated. Second part of a trilogy.

Both are about the main events of the second half of the 20th century in our country.

                                      LITERARY STYLE

His narrative is simple, with cult or popular language, but always elegant, ironic and funny.                                          


-1976,- Critics Award for The Truth about the Savolta Case.

-1987.- City of Barcelona Award for The City of Prodigies.

-2010.- Planet Award for Cat Fight. Madrid 1936.

-2015.- Franz Kafka Award for his literary career.

-2016.- Cervantes Award, because, according to the jury, he has a literary  

             language full of subtleties and irony.

                                 WHO IS THIS WRITER?

José Antonio Vidal Grau

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