The Detective

I’m going to tell you about someone so you can guess who he is.

I think it is very easy. Let´s go for it!

At first he worked in an information agency, but in 1969 he started working as a detective in a secret spy agency.

The name of the agency had a family name.

The agency where he worked had secret entrances to strange places.

He worked together with a partner.

His super boss had a very bad temper and assigned him and his partner the most dangerous missions.

The secretary was in love with him, but he wasn´t in love with her.

There was also a scientist with who he got along badly.

To the present day, he has participated in 215 missions.

Everyone at the agency was politely treating you.

Your partner often got angry, wore a white shirt and red trousers and had only two hairs. They got along very well and he called» boss».

He was tall, bald, wore glasses, wore a black suit and had a big nose.

He loved dressing up, he was funny and innocent.

He was a little clumsy and when a mission went wrong, he always blamed his partner.

He was born on 20/1/1958

In Editorial Bruguera

Son of Francisco Ibáñez (creator, scriptwriter and cartoonist)

Who is he?

Marisa Torralba

English for Fun 4B

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