Nobel Prize for Medicine

He was a Spanish and Aragonese man. He was born in 1852. His father was a doctor.

He studied primary school in Jaca. When he was teenager he studied in Huesca, Medicine in Zaragoza.

With 16 years of age and together his father, he studied anatomy pathology based on drawings that he made.

Doctor and scientist, he specialized in neurons. He was the founder of neuroscience.

He participated in the war of Cuba as a Doctor, he become sick in Spain, which won as a Doctor in the war he bought his first microscope.

He married and had seven children, one of them was a scientist.

He got many awards, the most important was the Nobel prize in 1906.

The was a man who liked the arts a lot, drawing, photography but he dedicated his life to science.

He was a teacher at the universities of Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid.

He founded in Madrid a most important Neurobiological center in the world with his name.

He was a patriot, honest man and a mason.

He was a nature lover.

He died in Madrid in 1934

In Huesca there is a street with his name.                                                               

He was a big man of the Renaissance.

Julia Brau

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