«Life cannot be written. It can only be lived»

He was an Irish writer, poet and Playwright the 19th century.

He was born in Dublin in eighteen fifty-four, the son of a famous eye and ear doctor. His mother was a well-known poet of her time.

He showed clear intelligence as a child, beginning to speak French and German very early.

He studied at Trinity College in Dublin, where he began to publish his first Works anda later at Magdalene College in Oxford, graduating in classical literature.

At twenty-four he won the Newdigate Prize for his poem RAVENNA and at twenty-eight he traveled to the United States giving lectures. He He subsequently lives in London and Paris.

At thirty he marries Constance (the daughter of a famous lawyer) and has two children. Years later they separated as a result of a scandal.

He runs a women’s magazine and writes stories.

In eighteen hundred and ninety-five he denonces the Marquis de Queensberry for defamation, having accused him homosexuality and is found guilty, being imprisoned for two years sentenced to forced works.

After his release he leaves to Francia, where he writes his latest work on the hardness of prison life.

He died in Paris from meningitis at age forty-six.

His Works are well known :

  • The importance of …
  • The portrait of…

One of his famous phrases :

I wrote when I didn’t know life.

Now, I understand its meaning, I don’t have to write anymore.

Life cannot be written, it can only be lived.

Carmen Coscojuela

English for Fun 4A

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