The Hollywood Lady

The person I am describing is a woman admired worldwide for her personality and professionalism

She was born in Summit, New Jersey (United States), on June 22, 1949 

She is the oldest daughter of Harry, a pharmaceutical executive, and Mary, an artist.

She has two younger brothers named Harry and Dana.

In 1978 she married the sculptor Donald Gummer. They have four children, a son and three daughters

When she was a child, she liked acting in the school theater

In her university age she wanted to be a lawyer, but on the day of the entrance exam at the Yale University School, she fell asleep.

In an interview she said that she saw the situation as a sign and decided to study dramatic art in Yale School of Drama. 

She studied dramatic art and then she expanded her studies with music and opera notions at Yale University

She was sure of her interpretive qualities. She learned to change part of her physical appearance to feel more beautiful. She dyed her hair blond, she took off her dental corrector and used contact lenses

Today she is a beautiful woman of 71 years, has long blond hair and beautiful, big blue eyes.

She is very expressive and she always wears very elegant

She is a great actress but she also has a great personality in which her authentic and sensitivity stand out.

According to Forbes magazine, she is one of the most powerful women in the world. She has a restaurant in Washington and   a perfume brand. She also has her own clothing line and even an American football team

But, above all, she is very famous as an actress. She is one of the best actresses of today

She has an extensive and successful film career.

She has worked in theater, television and cinema and she has starred in many movies in which she has performed drama, comedy and musicals

She is the actress with the highest number of nominations in the history of the Oscars, 19 in total and she has received the Oscar for best actress three times

She belongs to the small group of actors, six in total, who have won the Oscar on at least three occasions

She has received 31 Golden Globe nominations, and has won the Golden Globes eight times

In 2010 she received the National Medal of the Arts by Barack Obama. 

This fantastic actress prepares her characters very well in a very meticulous way

She has a lot of ability for two things: to change her physical appearance and to imitate the accents of the characters she plays. In her films she has spoken with an Australian, British, Danish, Irish accent…

In the cinema she had to make a terrible decision like Sophie, she fell in love on Madison’s bridges, and she was the wife of a French lieutenant. She has also been a baroness and Danish writer and the Iron Lady, among others

She is known as The Hollywood Lady. Her real name is Mary Louise, but we all know her for ……


Mª José Povar

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