She was born in a village in Costa Rica and died in Cuernavaca, when she was 93 years old. Her childhood was difficult, marked by diseases and conflicts with her family.

When she was 17 years old, she went to Mexico to look for a job. Those were very hard years.

When she was 30 years old she started working as a singer and in 1961, she edited her first album with a beautifulsong.

She was a small woman, very bohemian. She played to seduce women and  wore men’s suits.

She used to smoke a lot and carried a gun. The excess of alcohol and bad companies removed her from scenarios.

When she was in her sixties, she gave up alcohol and returned to stage.

In 1993 she took part in a film directed by Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and she participated with her songs inseveral movies such as Tacones Lejanos. During her professional career she received several prizes. She was known as the woman in the red poncho. At 81 years of age she confessed for thefirst time that she was a lesbian.

Guess who she is…

Pascu Blasco

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