Back to Black

She was born on 14th September of 1983 in the suburbs of Southgate (London). She was an English jazz, soul and R&B singer and songwriter.

Her father, Mitch, worked as a cab driver, while mother Janis was employed as a pharmacist. She had many uncles who were jazz musicians and she was interested in jazz from a young age.

She went to «Silvia young theatre school» and  the «Brit  school». Both schools have very notable alumni including Adele and Leona Lewis.

She was given her first guitar when she was 13 years old. When she was 14 she started writing songs. She often wrote about her day-to-day experiences.

She debuted with the album «Frank» in 2003 and she won an «Ivor Novello award» for it. She won five Grammy awards for her album «Back to Black» in 2006. She was the first British female to win five Grammys.

She performed at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Party concert at London’s Hide Park in June 2008.

She married Blake Fielder-Civil in 2007. Both of them took drugs and alcohol and he was sent to prison. They divorced in 2009. At that time she was a rebellious girl and she pierced her nose and tattooed her body.

She died of accidental alcohol poisoning in Camden Town in 2011 after years of drug and alcohol addiction at the age of 27.

After her death her dad published a book about her life called My daughter. All of the money made from the book was given to her foundation.                                                                                    Angela Arcas

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