Unholy Mystery

The film that I’m going to talk about, is a movie based on a best-seller by the famous Italian writer Umberto Ecco, and this film is directed by the famous French director Jean Jacques Anaud, known for films like The Bear.

This film was starring British actor Sean Connery and American Christian Slater, among others.

This film tells the story of a Franciscan monk and his young pupil who come to an abbey to participate in a debate about Christianity in the Middle Age. While in this abbey there is a series of murders of monks related to the existence of a Greek book of Aristotle’s into the library of the abbey. The Franciscan monk looks into the crimes with the opposition of the authorities of the time, even going against The Inquisition.

Actually, this movie is like a murder story but set in the Middle Age.

It’s amazing the atmosphere that the director shows us about the dark period as the Middle Age, and the characterization and the make up of the actors are incredible.

This movie is for me one of the most entertaining I have ever seen and that is why I totally recommend you to watch it.

What movie is it?

Manuel Abiol.

English for Fun – 2017

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