The Wrong Messiah

The movie that we are going to present was made in 1979 in the United Kingdom.

This movie was directed by Terry Jones and it was written by Monty Python.

The Monty Python are the main actors; even one of them plays the character of Brian’s mother.

It was financed by George Harrison, the mythical component of the Beatles, because the President of EMI, after reading the script, refused to finance it days before the start of filming.

The film was banned in Ireland and Norway. During the premiere in Sweden, there were posters that said: «this film is so much fun that they have banned it in Norway».

The film is located in Palestine from the time of Christ during the Roman Empire. It deals with the life of a man, who is born in a manger of Bethlehem the same day as Jesus Christ, and he is confused by people with a messiah. He has a feminist and revolutionary mother. He falls in love with a young rebel and activist, Judith. He joins the popular front of Judea (PFJ) he participates in the kidnapping of the daughter of Pontius Pilate’s… He is persecuted and captured by Romans. The Romans decide to crucify him (one cross per person). In the end the comrades who are with the crucified sing the famous song: “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life “.

It is a shiny satire which radiates a witty wonderfully mood.

This is the masterpiece by the genius Monty Python. The movie is full of memorable jokes which have made the film be praised as one of the best parodies in the history of films.

This movie had better earning than the other British movies in that year, 1979. It got the first cinema of Monty Python which received mark “R” in USA-suitable for 17 year-olds and accompanied by an adult.

This movie criticises intolerance, sectarianism and dogmatism. It shows us the poisonous states and the mean conflict, by treating aspects which happened at that moment such as the negation of reality by fanatics.

What movie is it?

Mayma Gavín, Pili Obis & Isabel Pérez

English for Fun 4B – 2017

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