The Painter Monk

The person I’m describing was born in Zaragoza in 1740, and died in 1809. It is unknown where he was buried.

He was a painter and an architect who belonged to a remarkable family of painters, three of them were artistic painters and his sister was married to Francisco de Goya.

Although he was born in Zaragoza, he is considered Monegrino of adoption, because he spent a lot of his life in a Monastery in that area.

He joined the Monastery’s Order when he was very young (20 years old). The Monastery was founded by San Bruno and it was the first in de Kingdom of Aragón. The order is one of the most austere and ancient Religious Orders of Christianity.

He dedicated his whole life to paint the Monastery with more than 250 bright compositions of fresco paintings applied in the vaults, domes and chapels of the Church, Sacristy and the Chapter House.

The mural decoration was made in the warmer months, from April to October, because cold was bad for his body and his joints.

By the end of his life he had painted two thousand square metres of fresco paintings, a treasure worth visiting.

At the end of his life, he was sent to Mallorca by his Superiors, in order to decorate the mural of the Church in the Monastery of Valldemosa.

Who is he? And.. What is that Monastery?

Charo Baruquer
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