«The Man with no Name»

The first time he spoke in front of a camera, he broke it. A couple of scenes later he spoke his lines perfectly.

Towards the end of his first years as an actor,he had an anecdote filming with a greatstar, Rock Hudson. They had the idea of putting glasses on for the scene but he had to remove his glasses because the star was Hudson.
For his part he did what young actors do: playedscenes, worked in the gym and did other jobs.

In 1964 when he was 30 years old, he accepted to shoot together with Sergio Leone, an unknown Italian director. His role as The Man with no Name in the Trilogy of the Dollar would make him jump to fame.

Spaguetti Westerns offered him a role that he had never played before and for which he would be recognized worldwide. These Spaguetti Westerns with their whistling melodies, guitars and trumpets and hoarse songs created aspecial atmosphere in the West movies. Inthe 70s and 80s he starred in a series of police genre films that were well received by critics and the public, beginning to direct their first movies, he has been awardedthe Oscars for his work as the best director in Unforgiven and best movie Million Dollar Baby.

In,his long career he has directed more than 30 films from Westerns to action and drama films.He is one of the few actors that has been putbehind the cameras. His efficient way ofworking, reducing budget and time in the shooting,trying to complete the scene in the first shot have made him one of the directors with a foster filming.

Javier López

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