The King of Speed

He is one of the athletes who has won more medals. My celebrity is from Jamaica. He is an ex-athlete specialized in sprint races. He holds the world records in the sprint races. He holds the world records in the sprint race of a hundred metres, two hundred metres and relay race with the Jamaica´s team.

He is known by his nickname “Lightning” and he is one the athletes who more medals has won.

In 2008 he got his first world record in the race of a hundred metres with a time of 9.72 seconds. After, in the Olympics games of Beijin he won three races: The straight hundred metres, the straight two hundred metres and the relay race of four times hundred, which he succeeded in establishing himself as the first athlete who won three Olympic races from Carl Lewis in 1984.

In 2009 he surpassed his own records in a hundred metres and two hundred metres in Berlin in the world competition. He carried out reaping the success and records in the Olympics games in London 2012 and also in world competitions in 2013 and 2015.

It was in Rio de Janeiro where he won three gold medals again.

He is a big man in all the aspects, professionally and physically, being nearly two metres tall and ninety four kilos weigh.

When he left the track he was a showman with an informal personality. All the people clapped and lauded him.

This year he has ended his professional sports career but his last race as a professional athlete in the world competition in London was extremely sad, because he hurt his leg in the relay race, just when his team mate passed him the witness. He fell down and arrived at the end with a great legache and above all a great heartache. He was certainly worthy a better farewell.

Who is he?

Carmen Artero

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