The Granado

He was born in Madrid, Spain, on January twenty first, in 1941. He is known as “El Granado” because he usually sang the “Granada” song when he was a child. His parents metwhile performing in a zarzuela. His father was from Zaragoza.

He tried to be a professional soccer player, but he also started to play the piano in Mexico City, at the National Conservatory. At the age of sixteen he married a piano student girl. A son was born in the first year, and soon the couple separated.

In 1957 he began singing baritone roles, and two years later he tried to sing as a tenor. In 1961 he made his first American appearance with the Dallas Civic Orchestra. In 1962 he married Marta Ornelas, who had been voted as the best Mexican singer of the year. Before his marriage, he formed an opera company that travelled along Mexico.

He was hired bythe New York City Opera. His first show in 1965 was Carmen.During the 1990s heachieved huge success with his ThreeTenors performances with Jose Carreras and LucianoPavarotti and they sold more than ten million CDsand videos.In 2000 he agreedto take part as the director of the Los Angeles Opera.He is a very interesting man: a singer, a composer, an orchestra director and an actor.

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