Overcoming One’s Fears

It’s a Spanish-American film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Ness, who also wrote the script.

In Spain, it was released in 2016 and had 9 nominations at the Goya Awards.

The movie stars Sigourney Weaver who received the Donostia prize at the San Sebastián Festival.

It’s a drama with fantasy. The main character is Connor, who is twelve years old and lives a very difficult situation. His mother is ill with terminal cancer. In school he is a victim of bullying, his grandmother doesn’t feel special sympathy for him and at night he doesn’t rest because of a nightmare.

Connor imagines and draws a monster with the shape of a tree that comes to life. The monster says to him: «I’ll tell you three stories and you’ll tell me the fourth one that will be the truth, tell me your nightmare.»

The first three stories are of witches, fairies and princes, when he hears them he feels rage and anger. In the fourth story the boy accepts that his mother is going to die.

At the end of the movie there are two scenes that I want to tell you, as without them, it isn’t understood.

When his mother is dying, Connor goes to live at his grandmother’s house. On the wall of his new room is a photograph of his grandfather and this is Liam Neeson, who gives life to the monster in the film, and on the desk there is a notebook with drawings of the stories that the monster told him, these had been drawn by his mother. Both of them had helped him overcome his fears.

Many spectators came out crying or in silence. I liked the music, photography, the special effects.

What movie is it?

Mariapi Gascón

English for Fun 4A – 2017

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