“Not Soup Again!”

The character that I’m going to describe was born in Argentina, in 1963, although she wasn’t officially known until 29th September of 1964. Although she is fifty years old, she keeps her child looks the same as when I got to know her. The character is short, she’s almost as wide as tall. She has black straight hair, tied with a lace. She’s always wearing the same type of dress, with two buttons on the chest, next to her neck. She’s a tremendously reflexive person.

Her questions and answers have been translated into twenty-six languages, from Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese to Greek, French and Dutch.

She’s the most relevant and popular character in the Argentine comic strips out her country. Few characters have got as much popularity and infiltration at much antagonistic cultures. Nobody could imagine that the ideas of this character, as ingenious as irreverent, as reflexive as anti-establishment, would go across the world. Throughout history, the USSR, the Beatles, the Vietnam War… They all ended, however the message of our character has maintained the same dose of genius even at present.

The splendid character became, with the pass of the time, a fighter for social equality. She was so important that, famous writers as for example Julio Cortázar said: “What I think of her is not important. What’s important is what she thinks of me”.

On 26th November of 1988, it arrived to the Town Council a local law project, to recognize our character as an Illustrious Citizen of the City of Buenos Aires. The initiative didn’t prosper because they estimated that the honorary title was only for people. It would have been the first comic strip character to get it and probably will be the only one

It shows the importance of the character in the Argentinean National Culture. As we already said, although she is more human than many people, she only exists on paper and on its creator’s mind, Joaquín Salvador Lavado.

Javier Lera

English for Fun 4B 2016-17

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