In the Wineyards for a Week

It’s a brilliant black comedy tinted with charm and romanticism.

It tells the roadside escape of two friends and colleagues, Miles and Jack, who used to be university College roommates, the week before Jack got married.

Jack, a divorced man traumatized by his love experience, a literature teacher, failed novelist, has drinking wine as an excuse to entertain Jack with a wonderful journey. They are a pretty a strange couple.

Stefania and Maya join this couple, a surprise with unpredictable emotional consequences.

Jack is a failed actor and a handsome seducer, who seeks his last bit of freedom the week before his wedding, and resigns with a cheap Merlot. Miles is a disappointed pessimist who intends to taste perfection in a bottle, the perfect Pinot.

The director Payne, enjoys this story of Californian landscapes where eating and drinking will help you to intimately undress and develop topics such as friendship, loneliness, self voices, etc.

Payne is a technical transgressor: he shows scene within scene with several simultaneous images but always narrated with great simplicity.

In 2004 the movie received an Oscar to the best adapted script from the homonymous novel by Rex Picket.

Other awards: two Golden Globes, a Bafta and also the critical decline of New York: best picture, best actor and screenwriter.

What movie is it?

Lourdes Berges

English for Fun 4A – 2017

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