“I was born in New York, province of Granada”

He was born in Granada in 1946, on January 28.

In his youth he emigrated to Switzerland, Holland and Germany. He had different jobs. He was one the most outstanding representatives of Spanish music. He was the creator of a new type of popular copla, captivating all types of public.

He was a very prolific and versatile composer. In his repertoire there are tangos, boleros, rumbas, sambas, protest songs, etc…

His tremulous voice was his singing identity.

His music crossed borders and was a link between the Andalucía and Latin America culture. It incorporated to its repertoire rhythms coming from Latin American of great sensibility.

His spirit was open and independent, of great human commitment. He presided the Foundation for indigenous peoples, and association to accept Saharawi Children who are ill.

His melodies speak of love, deceit, jealousy and crimes of passion.

In 1995 he was operated in New York for an aneurysm in the aorta by a Spanish doctor. After the operation, he said: “I was born in New York, province of Granada”

Five years later, he died in Granada.

In 2001 he was posthumously named Favorite Son of Andalusia and published “That sailing dreams” an album of duets with various artists who interpreted his greatest hits.

Some of his songs are:

María la Portuguesa, Habaneras de Cádiz, Ojos Verdes….

Who is he?

Pilar Justes

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