How the Magic of Music Can Transform Conducts and Lives

It is a French film released in 2004, of drama and musical genre. It won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2005.

It was directed by Christophe Barrataer. Script by Barratier and Philippe Lopes-Curval. Music by Bruno Coulais. Starring: Gérard Jugnot, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, François Berléand, Jacques Perrin an Maxence Perrin.

In 1949, Clement Mathieu, a failed musician, arrived at Fond de l’Étang, a French boarding school for “difficult” boys, to work as a supervisor. The repressive system applied by the director, shocked Mathieu, who felt an inside rebellion against the director’s methods.

In an effort to approach the boys, he discovered how they were very much attracted to the power of music.

He formed a chorus, to teach music and choral singing that transformed the boys’ lives forever.

Music certainly plays a starring role in the film: it is simply fascinating

One of the greatest successes is in the casting was the actor who played Mathieu: his face reflected kindness. The children were also very well chosen for the role they represented.

The movie has a story that comforts, a plot which is full of charm and emotions that will arise in all spectators.

Our society would need many “Mathieu”s.

What movie is it?

Javier Bailac, Pilar Calvete, Tere Novales

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