He won’t stop till he gets it back!

This film is a short movie. It was directed by Vittorio de Sica and written by Cesare Zabatini. The main character is Lamberto Maggiorani.

As for the plot, it shows us Italy in 1948, a country which had recently finished World War II with a devastated situation, politically and socially. It shows the scenes with realism: people’s poverty and their need to find a job to survive.

Antonio Ricci, an unemployed man will get a simple job which consists of putting up posters on walls. However, to get that job he needs one very important thing, which is in the title of the film.

On the very first day of work he was robbed this very important tool to do his work. Although he ran after the thief, who went away mixed among the traffic, he did not recover his way of transport. Nevertheless, he tries to find it without success.

What movie is it?

                                                                                                              Julián Casasús

English for Fun 4A – 2017

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