Empty Sandals…

Poet and dramatist, he was born inthe province of Alicante, on October 30th 1910 and died on March 28th 1942. Of humble family, he had to leave school soon to get to work. But he early developed his capacity for poetry. He was part of literary circles, published his poetryin magazines. In 1930, he travelled to Madrid and collaborated in differentpublications, and related to poets of the time.

He wrote works such as: Expert in Moons, Image of your Footprint,The Ray that does not Stop, Wind of the People, Songbook and Ballads of Absences. He took an active part in the Spanich Civil War, and was condemned todeath. But such sentence was commuted to 30 years of imprisonment, which he didnot comply because he died.

You have a cultural foundation with his name. This year commemorates the 75th anniversary of his death.

One of his famous phrases is: «A drop of pure courage, it is better that a coward ocean».

Antonio Fayed

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