Don’t Cry for Me…

She’s a woman. She was born on the seventh of May 1919 and she died in 1952.

She lived very poorly in a small village. At 15 years of age, she moved to the capital to pursue a career. There, she was alone without any resources, a mimimum education and without knowing anyone… However she was a strong beautiful clever woman, so she started to work in small roles as a film actress and series on the radio.

During a charity festival, she met a Colonel who would later become her husband. He was elected President of the Nation in 1946 thanks to his wife, who had a great abilitity to connect with the working class, who she called “descamisados”, “shirtless”.

She became the First Lady, but she didn’t accept any official position, she only wanted to promote a social policy, to improve the lives of the poor, the integration of women in the labor market and supported women´s suffrage.

From her Foundation she ordered to build hospitals, homes for the elderly and single mothers, children camps, etc.

In 1947, she travelled to Spain, which was isolated by the Franco regime. She granted a millonaire credit and brought 16.000 TM of cereals and beef meat. She was acclaimed and admired for her elegance and expressiveness.

Her husband won the elections for the second time, but unfortunately, she became ill with uterine cancer. She died when she was 33 and with 33 kgs of weight. Adored and hated, she never provoked indifference.

The whole world sang: “DON´T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA…..”

Teresa Miñana

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