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Feb 02

Don’t Cry for Me…

She’s a woman. She was born on the seventh of May 1919 and she died in 1952. She lived very poorly in a small village. At 15 years of age, she moved to the capital to pursue a career. There, she was alone without any resources, a mimimum education and without knowing anyone… However she …

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Feb 02

A Strong Woman who Fought for the Women’s Rights.

Born in Madrid in 1888, she was a writer, politician and defender of the rights of Spanish women. She was one of the main promoters of female suffrage in Spain, achieved in 1931. Along with other of her colleagues, we women owe her something as important as being able to exercise the right to vote. …

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Feb 02

Probably the Best Violinist in the World

I’m going to introduce you to a man who is a musician. He’s a man and he’s a musician, but he´s much more…. He’s full of magic! He was born in Lebanon in 1968. It could be said that he was born with a violin in his hands! When he was a child, he suffered …

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Feb 02

The King of Speed

He is one of the athletes who has won more medals. My celebrity is from Jamaica. He is an ex-athlete specialized in sprint races. He holds the world records in the sprint races. He holds the world records in the sprint race of a hundred metres, two hundred metres and relay race with the Jamaica´s …

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Ene 12

“My Button is Bigger”

He was born on June fourteenth nineteen forty-six (14th June 1946), at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in the New York City borough of Queens. He was the fourth of five children born to Frederick and Mary Anne. He attended Kew – Forest School from Kindergarten through seventh grade. At the age of thirteen, he …

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Ene 12

Awarded Writer and Journalist

She was born on 3rd January 1951. She is medium height. She has dark hair and dark eyes. Her father was a banderillero and her mother was a housewife. She is a widow and hasn’t got any children. When she was a child, she was ill for four years, so she stayed at home, and …

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Nov 03

¿Mis manos en tu cintura o en tus caderas?

  Atención a los jóvenes de los años 60-70: La nostalgia del “guateque” nos hace pensar en la canción de Salvatore Adamo. El cambio del término “caderas” (hanches, en francés) por “cintura” se debió ¿a la acomodación de la canción al ser traducida o a razones de censura por la dictadura de Franco?. Escucha la canción y piensa …

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Jun 05

Tour guidé en français.

Mardi, 27 mars, les étudiants de l’École Miguel Hernández vistons les principaux monuments de Huesca. La visite est très intéressante parce que nous faisons un éffors pour comprendre le français et pour apprendre de nouvelles choses. La guide est très bien.   Isabel Arilla, Alumna de francés

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May 11


Canadá ha sido elegido por Lonely Planet como el mejor destino para viajar en 2017. Hay muchas razones obvias –parques nacionales alucinantes, paisajes casi vírgenes, las interesantes ciudades de su costa Este– pero, sobre todo, es el gran año de Canadá porque celebra su 150 aniversario como confederación. Ante estos datos no nos quedó más …

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