Believe in Yourself if you Want to Succeed

It’s an American comedy-drama released in 2015. It´s a biographical film written and directed by David Russell and starring Jennifer Lawrence. The story is based on a self made millionaire, Joy Mangano, who created her own business. The main character, Jennifer Lawrence, received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

The main star, Joy, is a divorced woman who lives with her two children, her mother, her grandmother and her ex-husband. The mother is always watching soap-operas. Joy is always working and only her grandmother, Mimi, is her support. Joy had always been handy and, by chance, she invents a Miracle Mop. It’s a plastic mop with a head made from a continuous loop of 90 meters of cotton which can be easily wrung out. Because of that, the users don’t get their hands wet. Initially she has a lot of problems to sell mops, but she manages to get into the info commercial on TV and the success comes. Finally a friend, her ex-husband and the father’s girlfriend help Joy. The most important is that Joy believes in herself. Several years later Joy is wealthy and she helps other young inventors.

Joy is a persistent and determined woman. She is a good example of someone who fights for their dreams.

What movie is it?

Rosa Oliva

English for Fun 4A – 2017

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