Architect and Winemaker


He was born in Tudela (Navarra- Spain) in May, 9, 1937.He studied at theTECHNICAL University of Madrid, UPM , from which here received his architecturaldegree in 1961. He has worked  in Denmarkwith  M. Utzon, who built the Sidney  Opera House in Australia. In 1963, he received a scholarship for two years inthe Academia de España  in Rome (Italy);  there, his stay  had big influence on him.

 The following years until 1973, when he set up his own office in Madrid, he combined working and teaching in the Architectural School  in Madrid and Barcelona. From both activities he denounced the modern trends creating buildings with criteria for shorts periods and he  defended the work design that can be to stand for a long time as way as monuments.

In 2012 he was awarded with “The 2012 Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts”. According to the jury, “He is a Spanish architect of universal scope whose work enriches urbans spaces with an architecture that is serene and meticulous. An unknowledged master in both the academic and professional field . He leaves his own mark on each of his creations, at the same time, as combining aesthetics with functionality, especially in the airy interiors that act as impeccable settings for greats works of culture and the spirit “.

Nowadays, another facet of him for which he has also been awarded, of course, is to make wine. In 2007, he embarked on this adventure: “ One of my goals in the years that I have left, is to make a wine that leaves my family in a good place, wine goes a long way “.

When he was 80 years old of age, he said: “I do not stop learning everything that interest me, I ask  everything .“



– Casa Gómez –Acebo – Madrid

–  Bankinter – Pº de la Castellana – Madrid

– LogroñoCity Hall


– National Museum of Roman Art- Mérida (Extremadura)

– Atocha Railway Station-Madrid

– Kursaal Auditorium-San Sebastian

– Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design-Stockholm (Denmark)

– Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum (Villahermosa Palace-Madrid)

– Art Modern Museum (Houston-USA)

– Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels-Los Ángeles (USA)

– 2000-2010

– Art and Nature Centre. Fundación Beulas-Huesca (Spain)

– Museo del Prado expansión – Madrid

– Northwest Centre Building New York – New York (USA)

– Aragonia Centre – Zaragoza (Spain)

– Amsterdam City Hall – Amsterdam (Holland)

– Theatre-Basilea (Switzerland)


– Pritzer Prize – 1996

– Mies Van de Rohe Architectural Prize – 2001

– Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts – 2012

– Architectural National Award of Spain – 2006

– Praemium Imperiale (Japón) – 2017

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