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An Intelligent and Rude Writer

He is a man. He was born on the second decade of the last century and died at the beginning of this century.

He was tall and overweight, half bald. He wore glasses.

He was provocative and had an ironic sense of humour.

He was a writer and a politician.

He was an academician of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language for 45 years.

As a writer he worked in all genres. Throughout his life he got the most important awards for literature.

When he was 74 years old and had been married for 46 years, he separated and he got married again with a younger woman. He had a son with his first wife and the relationship between them wasn’t good.

In his youth he made an act and when it came to light in the political transition, his name was shadowed; that was the darkest chapter of his life.

As a politician he was a senator of General Courts in 1977 (Constitutional Legislature) by Royal Designation.

On a session of the courts he fell asleep and somebody said to him that he was sleeping and he answered:

‘It is not the same to be asleep than to be sleeping as it is not the same to be fucked than to be fucking’.

His last words before he died were ‘LONG LIVE IRIA FLAVIA!’.

Who is he?

Satur Aquilué Magdalena

English for Fun 4B 2016-17

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