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An Endearing Character

He is a cultural icon known around the world. He is known by different names depending on the country. He is a legend, but it was the company Coca-Cola, who made him famous in 1930. He receives letters and e-mails from people all over the world

His most typical image is wearing a casual red suit, slippers, a sweater, glasses, some adornments, etc… People write books, make movies and TV commercials with him as a carácter.

He lives in a place where it is very cold. He works all the year round without rest, but in December, his work is very intense.

Physically he is older, he is short and overweight. He has long curly white hair and a long white beard and moustache.

He is a fantastic, generous and endearing character. He is always smiling and very charming with children.

He usually wears a red and white jacket, red trousers, black boots and a black belt, and he has a magic bag where he carries the gifts for all children.

He distributes gifts on the night of December 24th with the help of his reindeer. He descends down the fireplace of houses to leave the presents for families under the tree. Children always look forward to his arrival but they can never get to see him. They leave water, milk and cookies.

His phrase is known all over the world and that is: ‘HO-HO-HO’


Sara Maldonado

English for Fun 4B


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