A Strong Woman who Fought for the Women’s Rights.

Born in Madrid in 1888, she was a writer, politician and defender of the rights of Spanish women. She was one of the main promoters of female suffrage in Spain, achieved in 1931.

Along with other of her colleagues, we women owe her something as important as being able to exercise the right to vote. She had to fight insistently, even against her own ideological companions, because they thought that granting that right to vote to women was risky, because they could be influenced by their husbands or their confessors.

In 1898, when she was ten years old, the death of her father led her to leave her first studies to collaborate in the family economy. She worked as a dressmaker, sales clerk and telephone operator.

In 1920 he began her Bachelor’s degree, and then enrolled in the Faculty of Law, for which she graduated in 1924. During this time, she participated in some associations and given several lectures. With 36 years of age, she became one of the few Spanish lawyers at the time, and went on to practice her profession. In 1925 she became the second woman to join the Bar Association in Madrid, one month after Victoria Kent.

She was short with a baby face. She had wavy black hair and big black eyes, always looking straight ahead. She was a strong, hardworking, extremely meticulous woman who left nothing to improvisation.

Because of the Civil War, she had to flee from Spain and died in exile in Lausanne in 1972.

Teresa Castiella

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