A Job to Save their Lives

This movie was shot in 1993 in black and white under the direction of one of the most popular American film directors (Steven Spielberg)The music was composed by John Williams and the actors of the cast are Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Caroline Goodall.
In Spain it was shown in March 1994.
This movie was awarded seven Oscar awards: best director, best picture, best music, among others.

It tells the story of an entrepreneur of German origin, a member of the Nazi party that arrives in Krakow.
Initially, he takes advantage of the situation in Poland (invaded by the Nazi army) to create a factory of kitchen items and for this he reaches an agreement with the director of a concentration camp to use Jews for labor.
Soon the employer tries to help his workers, preventing them from going to the concentration and extermination camps. To manage this, he has to buy the Jews to save them from their cruel destiny. To achieve this, he depends on his accountant, who is Jewish. In this way he managed to save 1100 Jews.
The great legacy left to us by the clever American director with this impressive film, which had deserved box office success, was to use his reputation as a commercial director to remind generations not to live the Second World War ever again by showing them that such barbarity existed.

What movie is it?

Francisco Abad Roger

English for Fun 4ºA – 2017

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