You Only Get Old When You don’t Love.

This Spanish movie is a drama, directed and produced by Jose Luis Garci, written by     Angel LLorente and Jose Luis Garci. This film was released in 1982 in Oviedo and Gijon, where it was tremendously successful.
The main characters are Antonio Ferrandis and Encarna Paso. Among the other actors are Agustin Gonzalez, Pablo Hoyos, Jose Bodalo and Marta Fernandez Muro.
In 1983, it was the first Spanish film which won the academy award for the best foreign language film. The Ministry of Culture and General Society of Authors of Spain also awarded the director.

The movie won some prizes, like the medal for best actress to Encarna Paso, and the medal for the best cinematography to Manuel Rojas.

 Plot : The film is set in Gijon in1989, Antonio Miguel Albajara is a successful writer and lecturer in Berkeley University, California. After he receives the literature Nobel Prize he decides to return to his hometown.

Antonio was forced to the exile during the Spanish Civil War.

In Gijon he meets his old friend Roxiu again (they had both played in the Sporting of Gijon’s football team years ago) and Elena, his first and great love from the past. Together, they start an unforgettable journey around Asturias to remember their youth. Antonio tells Elena that he has an incurable illness. After this tour he goes back to Berkeley.

What movie is it?


Yolanda Penella and Pili Peleato

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