Probably the Best Violinist in the World

I’m going to introduce you to a man who is a musician. He’s a man and he’s a musician, but he´s much more…. He’s full of magic!

He was born in Lebanon in 1968. It could be said that he was born with a violin in his hands!

When he was a child, he suffered the consequences of war in his country. Later he continued his musical studies in Europe.

He has resided in Spain for more than 15 years.

He’s slim and athletic. He has big black eyes too, but the most outstanding characteristic of him is his very curly black hair.

He started playing classical music, but he has been very innovative and he has managed to fuse it with a Flamenco, Jazz, Latin and Modern music.

He also spent a lot of time performing on a children’s TV program, called “Pizzicato”

I have already heard of him, as the best violinist in the word, and finally I could see and hear him live at the Olimpia Theater in Huesca, ten year ago.  From that moment I was his number one fan and I knew I would love him forever!!

I’ve been to many of his concerts and I have all your albums dedicated…

He’s close, funny and very human, and he has an overflowing energy!

Going to one of his concerts is quite an experience. He iss able to play his violin jumping and dancing without stopping, and he also tells anecdotes of about life full of humor.

He transmits such positive energy to his audience and the best thing is that it remains with you for the whole day: adrenaline in its pure state!

Marta Cabiscol

English for Fun 4B

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