Singing for Four Decades!

Ladies and gentleman, you have to guess the celebrity I’m going to present.

He is medium height. He has got light blue eyes and long thick brown hair. He was born on 26 July 1943, in Dartfort Kent in a middle class family. His zodiacal sign is Leo. His mother was born in Sidney, of English descent, and she was a hairdresser. His father and grandfather were both teachers.
He is divorced, he has seven children.

He is passionate about art, music, painting and films. He is fond of poetry, an amateur of comics, he loves good clothes and fine restaurants.

But what makes him a star is his charisma, his narcissism, which makes him be highly acclaimed by the press all over the world. His fans have been delighted with him for more than four decades.

This man is a famous music producer, singer and businessman.

He was one of those kids who just liked to sing in a choir, other times, he liked to show off in front of the mirror.

He was in the church choir and he also loved listening to singers in the BBC, Radio Luxemburg, watching them on the TV or in movies.

He was a good student and popular among his classmates. He developed an interest in American blues band R&B at an early age. He had got his first guitar at 14 years of age.

In his concerts, he is dancing all the time. His mouth is very famous, and the man is a real sex symbol.

As a teenager he started collecting blues records from the likes of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. He and his friend Dick Taylor soon started a band together called Little By Blue and The Blue Boys with him at its singer. Later, he was accepted in the London School of economics.

At first, the group recorded cover versions of the other people´s songs.

Soon they emerged as a powerful song writing team, occasionally using the pseudonym “Naker Pleage” for some of their early work.

Their most famous songs are “Satisfaction”, “Start me up”, “Honky Tonk”…

He was honoured with a Kinghthood for services to popular music at the Queen’s birthday Honours 2002 and on 12 December 2003 he received the accolade by the Prince of Wales.

As UPI noted in December 2003, he has no know record of charitable work of public services, although he is a patron of the British Museum.

He has described himself as an anarchist and took part in a demonstration against the Vietnam War outside the USA Embassy in London.

Who is he?

Cristina Ascaso

English for Fun 4A 2016-17

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